The vintage train carriages

The train resembles a typical DSB branch line train anno 1951, made up of vehicles from a much earlier period.

The carriages are of various types of DSB`s infamous "bone-shaker" carriages which were delivered in the period 1912-1924. They were build in a period where DSB were more interested in capacity than comfort. At the same time they were cheap to build. However, the carriages became very quickly unpopular with the travelling public and although modifications were made to the suspension, the problems were never solved.

The carriages teak bodywork were originally finished in clear varnish, but at the beginning of the 1950`s they were painted in the red-brown livery in which they can be seen today. By now they were used on branch lines and only at busy times on the main lines.

The were withdrawn from service at the end of the 1950`s, although many survived to be rebuilt as guards vans on goods trains or as messing vans for the signal department.

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